For nearly 20 years the creative work of "ZINN-STUBE" has held to a single goal; providing an assortment of unusual, original, and timeless pieces.

From the beginning we have created pieces which address and lift the human spirit. The whole poetry of old work, the whole mastery of the old craftsmen, finds itself once again in our incomparable workmanship, finished with Swiss perfection.

The pewter pieces from "ZINN-STUBE", having inherited a carefully preserved tradition, reflect anew the complete beauty of this unusual material.
The 1'200 models made by our creative craftsmen, as presented in our catalogue, represent the end-result of our search for perfection.

Our new collection "Art Nouveau" bears witness to, and is a symbol of, artistic renewal, wholly infused with pride in a grand heritage.

Our pieces reflect our ocmmitment to a lifestyle of aesthetic values, of balance, and of refinement.