Step by step documentation

Pewter, which contains tin, is very pliant and moldable, and resists tarnishing. This silver-gray metal has a relatively low melding point of 232C. Its density of 7,2 makes it sensitive to fire and sharp objects. Since early times, pewter has been known and used for diverse purposes; medicinal, religious, artistic, and for household utensils.

Because of its malleability, tin is slightly alloyed with about 2% copper and 2% antimony, thereby hardening it into pewter. All our pieces are made of 95% fine tin, without any lead content, making them suitable for serving food and liquids.


Are you familiar with pewter? That lovely, hand-cast metal so carefully turned, soldered, welded, assembled, and finally cleaned and polished by hand, bringing out its warm and unique finish?

In our pewter art foundry in Sugiez, on the shores of "Lake Murten", pewter casting is accomplished in three ways:

  • In steel casting molds, with subsequent work on the automatic lathe.
  • In steel casting molds preheated with gas, and later cooled in water.
  • In silicon casting molds, followed by centrifuging.

The craftsman casts certain parts separately and then secures them onto the main body by welding. After assembly and initial polishing, each piece is carefully hand-polished with steel wool. After being patined, it receives a final re-polishing. This is the finish preferred by connoiseurs. Our pewter retains its polish and requires little care. The object can also be given a matt or high silver polish.

These pieces are completely hand-crafted, with the same procedure and techniques as the pewter utensil producers of the 18th century. The beauty of the individual piece and the noble character of the metal remain unchanged.

Our methods are founded on a simple philosophy: namely, conscientious people work together to form pieces which have been singularly conceptualized, magnificently produced, and offered at reasonable rates. Our search for quality, for work well done in the Swiss tradition of precision, for satisfied customers; all these are to be found within each article. Each piece mirrors a unique sense of beauty and style.

With about 30 co-workers and artist-craftsmen, our pewter foundry has taken its place as the most significant one in Switzerland. Its Standart of excellent Swiss quality is reflected in each of its 1'200 models.